We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

This is Alley!!


We developed this “Cold Drip Coffee Maker” named Alley600 last year and started selling it to Europe last December. We created this frame material with a bamboo focused the natural beauty. Due to their properties, this is all made by hands.  Functionally, we have double valve system in this coffee maker which is owned patent rights by us, Coffeega. There are lots of cafes every corner in Korea. Although not everyone likes to drink coffee these days, the meaning of good coffee is changed and gets more commercial every year.  Someone asked us, why did we produce this small quantity of 600ml? The reason is, we’d like to support a small cafe because they need something special to compete with large cafe franchise. One of the main strategy is the coffee taste!!! We believe that they can provide different coffee using our system with the accessible product price. That’s why we started developing this small quantity of cold drip coffee maker. We really hope that there are more competitive cafes providing good coffee.


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