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Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

Cold Dripper, Alley600 in a cafe Haemil in Korea

We visited a cozy cafe, “Cafe Haemil in Korea which are set Two Alleys, “Cold Dripper”. It’s a small cafe with a friendly atmosphere that we love. It is natural but very interesting to show those atmosphere with the personality of cafe owner.


They said, they concentrated on differentiated coffee taste compared to other large coffee shop and they decided that “Cold Drip” could be answer to offer something different.

They displayed two Alleys in front of their counter and showed “Drip! Drip!Drip!Drip!”


We can drink this coffee extracts right away after extracting is done. Or, this coffee can be stored in the fridge around for 2weeks. The taste can be changed with the time. People who wants to sell this coffee extracts with a nice bottle is preparing for an additional fridge for storing this coffee extracts.


This is the front view of this cafe at night.



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