We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

our Ridge3.2 is set at a cafe, Urban Table in Seoul, Korea

Three pieces of Ridge3.2 which is for making colddrip coffee are set at the cafe “Urban Table in the heart of Seoul, Korea.

This cafe is specialized in the coffee roasting and the cafe owner is focused on making colddrip coffee blended accodring to roasting, type of coffee beans and grind size.  Every cafe has a different taste which is working in Slow coffee such as hand-drip, filter coffee and cold drip coffee.  We can extract coffee based on the origins of the coffee by dripping cold water drops. So, he said that he spend most of his times for making their own coffee taste by cold water drip.

He’s already used other cold drip coffee makers which is one valve system and he was not satisfied with them all the time.

And then he found our products and decieded on using our double valve system for their cafe

People confused the differen taste between cold brew and cold drip. But we’d like to emphasize that it’s not the same field.  We can extract coffee by dripping cold water drops while coffee is being brewed in the cold water thanks to this double valve system.

The cafe owner said, the outstanding work of this coffeega’s double valve system is the rich aroma!!!    Thanks to his passion, we shared lots of opinions about this new coffee world. For sure, this cafe might be one of the best cafe which has a good colddrip coffee.

Hopefully, you have a chance to experience our double valve system If you’re interested in this cold drip coffee.

Thank You.


2 comments on “our Ridge3.2 is set at a cafe, Urban Table in Seoul, Korea

  1. Mike pole
    April 19, 2013

    Yes Tanna island coffee loves this process..seems to bring out the very best in our coffee bean!!!

    • coffeega
      April 19, 2013

      We really hope that it comes true!!!

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