Short Article about our cold drip coffee maker wrote by Socialbarista

You may remember I asked you about cold drip regarding to your article *I know what you did last summer* so here are some more details about the cold drippers made by Coffeega.

Coffeega is a start up manufacturer found by 4 young and enthusiastic korean guys who specialized on cold drip processed coffee. They invent and design their own products which parts are completely handmade in Korea.

They have now three different size drippers. The Alley is the smalest with max 600ml, the Ridge does 3 Liters and there is also a board version for 9 Liters.

The quality and the concept of the drippers are stunning. The result of the extraction is brilliant since they use two valves for controlling the amount of water drips and also for the amount of coffee drips.

In fact, with an valve under the container with the coffee grounds there is a great chance to have kind of an pre-infusion which means it is possible to totaly moisture the grounds before starting the extraction so it is ensured that the coffee grounds are completely moistured and all aromas can be developed.

Compared with the cold brew and also with the iced coffee I personally think that this method is the smartest way of producing cold coffee. I wrote about it on my blog.

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