Look at this Drop Pack 250ml for cold drip coffee!!

Cold drip coffee named as “Dutch Coffee” in Korea, probably in some countries in Asia. It’s getting popular to enjoy this nice cold drip coffee at home.

We’re offering this nice bottle package to cafes which want to sell their special “cold drip coffee showing their distinguishing characteristic.

It consists of:

Plastic bottle: 100pieces
Paper carrier: 100pieces
Aluminium Lid with silver color: 50pieces
Aluminium Lid with golden color: 50pieces


This has a space in the front for cafe’s logo with stickers or stampls or origins of coffee bean, etc.  For private users, own drawings or memos can be created as a gift package.

Especially, It was printed with great refinedness using silk-screen prints.

Hopefully, it helps to introduce your coffee to your lovely customers and friends.


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