We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

We enjoy “cold drip” for hot drink

Did you decide to treat ‘cold drip’ as a cold drink?

When we started drinking “cold brew&drip coffee” a few years ago, we  used to enjoy this coffee only for iced coffee as you expected.

Cold Drip coffee is now one of the favorite menus in Korea and more cafes are increasing their earnings rapidly with this extracted cold drip coffee.

People look on this coffee as iced coffee automatically from the name, Cold Brew or Cold Drip.

Properly speaking, Cold Drp Coffee is a way of the different coffee extracting methods by dripping cold water drops.  You can drink for cold or hot drink as you wish.

The easiest and simplest way to drink this coffee for hot drink: simply add boiling water in this coffee .

We recommed that you can heat up this cold drip coffee in a double boiler. And then drink this strong coffee as hot coffee.

In addtion, add hot milk in this heated coffee and stir. Enjoy like Cafe au lait.

Or. add milk foam in this heated coffee. You’ll fall in love with the balance between this soft milk foam and rich-taste coffee.

Affogato is wildly loved in cafes and restaurants and pour this cold drip on the ice cream instead of hot espresso. It’s one of the my favorite one.

This cafe has been busy lately for preparing a large order for “Cold Drip” even in Winter season.

Try it and enjoy this slow coffee world!!


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