We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

Why don’t you share your good coffee with your friends?

We love to present colddrip coffee to our friends these days.

“i make my own coffee and pack this coffee in a package with my heart.”

That’s a good event for my friends”

As we’re a manufacturer for colddrip coffee system named Alley600 and Ridge3.2, we’re selling not only cold drippers but also  trying to share different coffee culture with coffee people.

We launched a new package set, Droppack 500ml.


 There is a space at the back of this package box and the manufacturer’s information is not
stated in this package.  It is a good idea to insert your logo or messages in this package as users want.


You can fold this box by yourself easily when you use.

The manual is included in this box how to fold for your convenience. 😀


One set of this package box consists of:

– Plastic bottle: 2EA

– Aluminium lid: 2EA

– Paper box: 1EA

– Ribbon: 1EA

* size: 170 x 80 x 100(mm)


Hopefully, you can choose this package box for your special day.




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