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How to use Alley600 ???


“Cold Drip” season is coming!

If you’re considering purchasing one of them, this article could be probably helpful for you.

As we are the manufacturer and coffee lover, we’d like to introduce how to use our Alley600?

We’re the only & first company which created twin valves system for cold drip and it helps to enjoy “Cold Drip Coffee” using two valves.

This twin valves system can provide good options you for making delicious coffee.


 -. Coffee: 60g

-. Water: 600ml of cold filtered water

-. Grind size: between espresso and Drip.

*Depending on types of coffee, you can adjust the grind size.

-. Roasting type: Recommend Mid, mid-dark roasted. In case of dark-roast, you can adjust the amount of water for dripping carefully due to the oil content.

*You can enjoy the different taste depending on grind size and roasting type!!!


  Put the cloth filter in this bottom of coffee tube evenly.  At this time, “wet” cloth filter helps to place easily.

  *This cloth filter is reusable.

  * Make sure to clean this filter with hot water before & after using.


Put the coffee ground in this coffee tube.


Hit this coffee tube slightly to level coffee grounds fairly.

 *We don’t need to use tamper dditionally.

In case of using tamper, the density is high and it hinders distributing water vessel fairly.


Open the first valve properly.

At first,  you can adjust the water drip speed about one drop every second.

 *we don’t need to use an additional cloth filter on the top of this coffee tube.

The twin valve system helps to moisten coffee grounds fairly.


Check this coffee grounds until these are moistened completely.

** It takes   around 40mins~60mins

** Depending  on grind size and roasting type, the amount of water can be adjusted.

 Tip!  And then close these two valves fully and stand still for 30mins ~60mins, like “additional brewing time (Pre-infusion) ”


And then open two valves properly.

Tip!  You can adjust the amount of cold water using the first valve and the amount of coffee drops using the second valve.

Water is being distributed continually while coffee is being extracted at the same time.


These coffee grounds should be kept moist while extracting adjusting the second valve.

Please pay careful attention to adjusting twin valves!!

You’ll get much more delicious coffee!!


Almost done.

It takes about 4hrs.

Depending on grind size and type of coffee, you can adjust faster or slower.

If you can adjust the twin valves properly, you can get rich & strong coffee concentrate even smaller time.


6 comments on “How to use Alley600 ???

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  2. mohd suparjo
    July 20, 2013

    sorry, I want to ask, how can I have “Alley600” this?
    if you like to buy how do it?
    Thank you.
    I Mohd Suparjo of Indonesia.

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  4. Watch House Coffee
    January 18, 2015

    What are the dimensions?

    • coffeega
      January 19, 2015

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Dimension is as follow:
      Alley600: 246 x 246 x 678(mm)
      Ridge3.2: 348 x 348 x 971 (mm)

  5. Angelo Luczak
    January 5, 2017

    Where can I order some replacement cloth filters? Shipped to Australia

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