We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

Review about Beleef Smaak2013, in the Nehterlands: our Colddrip is presented at this event.


Beleef Smaak2013 was held from 27th May to 29th May, 2013 in Houten, Netherlands .

This exhibition is a trade event, which focuses on the middle & high segment in the hospitality industry, buyers of businesses in general and specialty coffee, tea and gastronomy.

Companies with quality products and services, may join the purpose and audience of this trade event.


We, Coffeega joined this exhibition which was the second year thanks to our agent, Mijn broer&ik BV (www.brewbar.nl) as they’re the organizer of this exhibition.

They arranged an additional theme of Gastronomy compared to last year and aim for high-end products.


We’ve launched our big colddrip, Ridge3.2 which has 3,200ml of Volume at the exhibition last year.

At this time, we launched our new version of  Colddrip, “Crevasse600” & single drip tray, “Trench ” 

We’re very proud of that we got a chance to demonstrate our colddrip to the market in the Netherlands for the first time.

As i feel, this Colddrip is still new in this market and i had to begin the story at the begining.


Passers-by stopped walking and stared at the slow drops for a long time and then started speaking to me.

I think, it’s one of the best reason why customer have to choose our colddrip visually.

Colddrip is a good theme for communication at the cafe.


There are some impressive stands which showed how to make “filter coffee” based on Slow coffee.

People say:  A picture is worth a thousands words.

They tried to show how to handle this different coffee making tools or what different taste they have.  It’s really worth a visit!!



The exhibition have a number of fascinating coffee and tea championship such as “Dutch cuptasting championship” ” Dutch Latte Art championship” “Dutch Tea championship” and slowcofee, etc.

It’ll be a special and pleasant experience for participants and visitors as you are “coffee lover” .







Before starting this exhibition, i had to consider what type of coffee i use for.  It’s very standard to ask us, what type of coffee we use for? or What grind size ?

As our coffee culture, we enjoy “mid-dark” roasted coffee for the Colddrip, As our experience, the balance between their taste and added milk or aged colddrip is really good.

Of course, you’ll wonder about *Aged colddrip*   🙂

It means that we can also keep this colddrip coffee in the fridge for some days and feel their different taste with the time. It may be more winy or like chocolate.

Basically, there is no answer for making colddrip coffee but we can help to make better taste colddrip coffee using our colddrip making tool. 🙂

To get back to the points:

For two days, i made colddrip coffee using Indonesia Mandheling roasted by Banjul, Korea and El Salvador “Santa Rita” roasted by Yeondo, Korea.

I thought that it’s not bad to feel the different taste and it’s rare to find coffee from asia in the Netherlands. 🙂




For the last day, i made colddrip using coffee from Black Delight (www.blackdelight.de), Hamburg, Germany.

As they are very much aware of Colddrip based our system, their information was also very helpful as we’re the manufacturer.

The different taste was also really new for me and their flavor was really special. It’s not strong compared to ours but i can’t forget their remained sweet flavor in the mouth.

We’re manufacturing those coffee making tools and they’re creating different coffee using our coffee making tools.

To serve this coffee, we’re linked for one cup of coffee. What a beautiful coffee world!!!



I was so happy to work with you and to get a chance to join this exhibition.

We’d like to appreciate our agent, Mijn broer & ik BV very much!!!

We hope that we can be of help to you to understand our Colddrip more.



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