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It’s designed like the natural paths created by people passing by or by water flowing.
600ml  / Bamboo, Glass, Brass, Silicone /  246 x 246 x 678 (mm) / 4.6kg
You can read more about Alley600 at : https://coffeega.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/how-to-use-alley600/

ridge 1

The way to the top of the mountain, Ridge. We reach to the top walking along the ridge.
We will be on the top with worth more than business, offering a comfortable way up to climbers.
3200ml / Bamboo, Glass, Brass, Silicon / 348 x 348 x 971(mm) / 8kg

550x550 02

Crevasse means deep crack in glacier due to the irregular movement of a glacier and the glaciers are melting because of global warming.
Unfortunately the melting speed is getting faster and It caused becoming narrow at depth.  The most significant cause of this problem is excessive consumption of electrical and chemical energy.
We call this new product  “Crevasse600”  and it stands for our awareness of environmental problem around us.
600ml  / Wood, Brass, Slicone, Glass, Acrylic /  230 x 223 x 716 (mm) / 5.6 kg
You can read more about Crevasse600 at https://coffeega.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/lets-make-colddrip-with-new-crevasse600/


Trench ( Drip Tray)
We create this name from ‘oceanic trench’‘ : A long narrow vally in deep seafloor. ‘trench’ is Drip Tray which is for setting coffee dripper when you make a filter coffee.
Wood, Acrylic / 254 x 150 x 206 (mm) / 800g


Colddrip coffee is a slow coffee  with  every single drop. We, Coffeega expressed precious time into coffee drops.
250ml /Paper, PET, Aluminium / 60 x 120 x 240 (mm) /0.65kg
You can read more about DP250 at https://coffeega.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/look-at-this-package-set-for-cold-brewdrip-coffee-17/


500ml / Paper, PET, Aluminium /180 x 83 x 100(mm)
You can read more about DP500 at https://coffeega.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/why-dont-you-share-your-good-coffee-with-your-friends/


Cloth Drip Set
D1 (blue) : for 1~2cups / Cloth, Aluminum / 100 x 188 (mm) /86g
D2(green): for 2-3cups / Cloth, Aluminum/ 110 x 195 (mm) /86g

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