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How to use 3200ml of colddrip, Ridge3.2?

If you are interested in using our big colddrip, Ridge3.2, you can understand our colddrip system which has double valve system with this visual manual.
If you are an user of our product, you can compare to your own way weather there is any difference or not.
This is not a machine but a tool and it means that there are lots of options during your colddrip performace.
You can create your own way using our double valve system.  The second valve placed lower part helps to enjoy their differnce.

2-. Preparation: 320g of coffee grind, 3200ml of cold filtered water.Usually, the ratio of coffee and water is about one to ten.
*  Grind size: between mid- and coarse. Depending on types of coffee, you can adjust the grind size.
-. Roasting type: as you wish.
In case of dark-roast, you can adjust the amount of water for dripping carefully due to the oil content.
*You can feel the different taste according to the grind size and roasting type


3 Put the water bottle upside down with pouring water in it.






for ridge Put the cloth filter in this bottom of coffee tube evenly.
At this time, “wet” cloth filter helps to place easily.
*This cloth filter is reusable.
* Make sure to clean this filter before & after using.
To sterilize, you’d better cleaning it with hot water.





5 Put the coffee grind in this coffee tube.







6Hit this coffee tube slightly to level coffee grounds fairly. It helps to be steeped from top to bottom.
*We don’t need to use tamper additionally.  In case of using tamper, the density will be much higher and it hinders distributing water vessel fairly.





7Open the second valve (lower part) fully by red line of the valve or less to emit gas of coffee itself, before starting dripping water.
Make sure to put this silicon fully into the tube.






Open the first valve properly. At first,  you can adjust the water drip speed about one drop every second.
*The amount of drops can be slower or faster as you wish.
*we don’t need to use an additional cloth filter on the top of this coffee tube. The double valve system helps to moisten coffee grounds fairly.




10 You can check this coffee tube regularly whether this coffee is wet fairly or not.

Please let the “Pause” for an hour. It means, you can close these two valves temporary. The additional brewing time influences their taste.




After this additional brewing time(Pre-infusion), open the second valve fully or less.
** You can create the own taste based on roasting type using this second valve!!





14Tip!  You can adjust the amount of cold water using the first valve and the amount of coffee  drops using the second valve. Water is being distributed continually while offee is being extracted at the same time.









Please make sure that you can soak this valve in hot water for 30 min. to remove some used coffee grounds between the valve.





The whole extracted time (brewed) time will be between 6hrs and 8hrs in case of 3,200ml of water.  It really depends of what kind of coffee you use such as roasting type, grind size and origination.  You can choose what you like.
Enjoy your colddrip world!!!


4 comments on “How to use 3200ml of colddrip, Ridge3.2?

  1. gaydtla
    November 13, 2013

    Awesome! I need to enter the cold drip world!!!

    • coffeega
      November 13, 2013

      Happy for that!!!!:-)

      • gaydtla
        November 13, 2013

        I’ve never seen it demonstrated. So thank you for sharing the esoteric knowledge!

      • coffeega
        November 13, 2013

        As we are the manufacturer, it’s our great pleasure to show it more and more people. Thanks!!!

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