We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

Answers to FAQs regarding our products,colddrip.

It’s our great pleasure to meet more and more people who are using our products over the world.  As we are the manufacturer of colddrip in Korea, we try to listen carefully what our customer think. To communicate, To understand is  the best promotion method for our customer and any potential customer.

These are answers to FAQs regarding our colddrip and you can find this paper in one unit of our product from now. Hope it’ll help to use our colddrip products. Thanks.

1. Combination of Vlave & Silicon


´õÄ¡ ÁúÀÇ ÀÀ´ä(eng)

Please combine after removing water from silicon and glass completely.
For combination of valve, please input the valve completely turning it clockwise.

´õÄ¡ ÁúÀÇ ÀÀ´ä(eng)

If inserting the combination of the valve and silicon into the glass tube, it might not be attached properly.
We recommend to observe the order of combination as shown.

First. insert silicon into glass tube.
Second. combine the valve with the silicon in the tube.

2. Using cotton filter

´õÄ¡ ÁúÀÇ ÀÀ´ä(eng)

 When putting contton filter into the coffee tube, filter can be sticked to the bottom of the tube easily if wet. After putting filter, please adhere the edge of filter to to bottom of the tube, with tool if necessary, which does not cause any defect to the glass. 

´õÄ¡ ÁúÀÇ ÀÀ´ä(eng)

Cotton filter can be washed with hot water or steam.

´õÄ¡ ÁúÀÇ ÀÀ´ä(eng)

Cotton filter can be dried by covering with clean towel and knocking once or twice after washing. Please be cautious if twisting this filter which can cause damage to this cotton filter. We recommend to change cotton filter after using 5~6times.

3. Tamping

´õÄ¡ ÁúÀÇ ÀÀ´ä(eng)

We do not recommend over tamping (stomping with pressing coffee) for easier
extraction. Please hit the tube lightly after putting coffee.

4. Cleaning glass

´õÄ¡ ÁúÀÇ ÀÀ´ä(eng)

If coffee in the tube is not removed after use, detach valve and silicon first, then remove coffee blowing into the narrower hole a few times. Cotton filter can be kept for reuse. Please be cautious if removing coffee with stick which can cause damage to glass product.

When washing the glasses, baby bottle brushes can be  a useful option.
 When washing the glasses, light hand wash like cup or dish is recommended. If dishwasher is used, please be cautious the impact can harm the glass product.  If spounge is used, we recommend soft one, to avoid possible defect to glass or valve if made of rough material.

5. Cleaning valve

´õÄ¡ ÁúÀÇ ÀÀ´ä(eng)

Blockage of valve can be avoided by washing periodically. Please remove the handle from valve with turning anticlockwise and putting them in hot water for 30minutes, remaining used coffee is melt from the valve.

´õÄ¡ ÁúÀÇ ÀÀ´ä(eng)

If valve is blocked with grounded coffee, detach the handle from valve and remove the remained coffee with blowing.

6. Coffee bean (roasing & grind type)

If using a freshly roasted bean, gas from bean can cause overflow from tube. This can be reduced with storage in a airtight jar after grinding.

Grind index depends on the sort of coffee bean, but normally we recommend ‘slightly’ lighter than filter coffee, similar with fine salt.

When extracting cold water drip coffee, basically all kinds of coffee bean can be used. But the velocity of water drip should be controlled depending on the condition of roasting. When purchasing coffee beans for filter coffee is always suitable.

7. Hot coffee

You can enjoy this coffee warmly by dilution with hot water or warm milk.
For strong coffee, if cold, please warm up the coffee with microwave or in a double boiler.

8. Wood

If wooden part is soiled foreign substance such as coffee, it can be wiped with warm wet towel, and drying completely, then cleaned with oil for woonden products. 

If the color of wooden part is changed due to again, it also can be fixed with oil for wooden product.

Please be cautious that wooden frame can go moldy if humid.


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