We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

Happy New Year!!!

The sun of this year is setting now. Time flies!!
As you know, we manufacture coffee making tools especially for colddrip. Starting from Alley600 we’re expanding our products ranges, and we launched our new version of colddrip “Crevasse600” and a new drip stand “Trench” this year.
As an young company, we’re providing our products to overseas starting from the Netherlands in 2011 and our market is expanding continuously. Now you can meet Cofffeega’s products in 21 countries.
As a manufacturer, we always try to make the best product with creative ideas and unique design. However it could not be possible to approach to the top if there is no interest of market and customers.
So we want to express our appreciation to you, being our customers, friends and family.
There are faces of Coffeega family all over the world.
Thank you for sharing your photos and making a pose for us as well.
We really hope to meet new friends and keep in touch with you in 2014, too!!
Enjoy your colddrip and share your good coffee!!
Happy New Year!!!




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