We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

Some tips to handle our Valve for Colddrip.

As you know, we have our own cold water brew&drip system and there is something to be satisfied for making Colddrip that appeal to coffee people.
It’s two valves system.  People can adjust the amount of water drops with the first valve which is in upper part and controlled the strength of coffee with the second one which is in lower part.

We’ve been asked about some difficulties with the valve and most questions involve irregular water drip and blocking.
This system is not an electrical machine but like hand tool. It meanst that there are too many variables in making Colddrip to fix their results.
We’d like to say that you ‘ll enjoy this difference and count the hours.

We’re treating this following case as a defective Valve .
“The valve has dripped water even opening slightly”
In this case, we have to replace it to new one.

Otherwise, you can solve your difficulties  with these following tips.

Please separate the handel from the body turning in an anticlockwise direction.



And then leave this valve in the boiling water for ten minutes.

*Remained coffee grounds will be melt in this hot water.



Seperate this handle from the body and close one hole with the finger and then blow another hole of the body.

It helps to check if the inner part of this valve is blocked (cleaned) or not.





Close one hole with the finger and run water through the valve. (Left one)
Close another hole with the finger and run water through the valve. (Right one)






Before starting Colddrip, you can open the valve to drip several drops very fast and then adjust the valve properly.  (See this video) . It helps to pass micro air bubble inside the valve.
We don’t recommed dripping too slow like one drip every 5~6 seconds and in this case, “Stopping” may happen frequently due to mirco air bubble inside the valve.
If you are worring about strength of coffee, you have the second valve!!!

Hope, these tips will be good at need.














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