We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

Alley600 with a different method in this Bar, Seiberts.

Main function of our Colddrip Tool is to make Coffee brewed by dripping cold water drops so it’s called Colddrip coffee making tool.
Using our products, we are making Colddrip coffee at home or at Cafes or brewing Tea since many people love Colddrip Coffee.

We’d like to let you know a special Bar where is being used our product, Alley600 with a differnet mehthod.
Our Alley600 there puts more stress on our different Colddrip system than coffee making tool.
They are Classic cocktail Bar, Seiberts located in Cologne, Germany.


Did you catch our Alley 600 in this Bar?
They do not make neither Colddrip coffee using our Alley600 nor Tea.
You may be curious how it’s all being used in this Bar.


This is a surprise!!
It’s kind of amazing how well our Alley600 works – in a different & new way.
I was unable to to take my eyes off this speical method with our Alley600.
The first one what i’m curious is what is inside in this glass tube even i’m working in this manufacturing company??!!!
Besides, it transfers extracts from the unknown plants inside glass tube.
*They displayed this Alley600 in the center and wanted to express old-mama’s kitchen.

The name of their special cocktail using our Alley600 is   “Three Wishes Gin Tonic”  !!!
I think, anyone in this place is particularly curious about this name, “Three Wishes Gin Tonic”
They said, they created this menu with their homemade spice mix and Gin Tonic using Colddrip Method.
Their spice mix are “Campari 1970, Pink Grapefruit , Lemon, cadamom, szenchuan pepper & Thymus”


This is your romantic ” Three Wishes Gin Tonic”!!!
This orange flavor is spreaded to my mouth and their remained taste is something special. It should be from their homemade spice mix.
After i came back to home, i had to explain about this incredible flavor of this Bar, Seiberts.

Here are some pictures of this Bar.

The main concept of this Bar, Seiberts is “Classic Bar & Liquird Kitchen and they provide their guest their best cocktail menu which are created by their passion.
They said, they try to keep the most important thing is to make people feel comfortable.
They have the closeness and frindliness between bartender and their guest according to my observation.
For sure, it’s the main reason why many people love this classic bar .

We really happy to have this differnt experience and we’d like to thank them for giving this chance.
As we ‘re the manufactur, the greatest pleasure is to meet our customer who are using our products with their satisfaction.



Their Address is:
Friesenwall 33, Cologne, Germany




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Slow drip coffee but it’s no more slow drip in the video :-) Adjusting Two Valves at the same time, it makes more body & rich taste for sure. I’m making Cold Brew using coffee from @omniacafe in Chiang Mai and she said, she’s using this coffee for her Cold Brew as well. Follow the roaster’s recommendation is the best! Its taste is so good!! . . 콜드브루는 매우 슬로우 슬로우 드립 커피인데, 이 영상에선 완존 빠름빠름! 모처럼 시도해본 #타임랩스 인내심이 엄청 필요한 작업이네요 ^^; 태국 치앙마이에 있는 카페에서 주문한 커피로 내렸는데 단맛까지 살짝 올라오니 진짜 너무 행복한 맛이네요. 여러분들도 맛있는 커피 한잔! . . #coldbrew #colddrip #coffeetools #coffeega #madeinkorea #대한민국더치기구 #더치기구 #콜드브루 #홈카페 #coffee #homecafe
I‘m lucky to get coffee from Chiangmai @omniacafe before starting a long holiday in Thailand. I must say“ this coffee is so good“ I‘ll have to make Cold Brew using their coffee! . #치앙마이커피 #coffee #chiangmaicafe #chiangmaicoffee #thailandcoffee #coffeebean #omniacafe
Drip Drip Drip over the world. This is #greece time 😘 beautiful journey from Korea to Greece! Have a good cold brew if u r around there! This cafe is @queenbee.athens . #Repost @dervisis.d with @get_repost ・・・ #coldbrew #forfive #queenbeeathens #fortheworld #coffeega . 드립💧💧💧지금은 그리스 타임! 즐겁게 맛있는 콜드브루 한잔 하세요!! ^^ . #coffeega #colddrip#coldbrew #cafe#athenscafe #greece_is_awesome #아테네카페
This is an important first step #coffeega . 지금도 변함없이 “우리의 처음” 은 언제나 중요합니다.#커피가 #대한민국더치기구 . #coldbrew #colddrip #coldbrewtool #madeinkorea #cafe #woodendesign
They have more beautiful pictures than we made! We’re so happy for that! This cafe is one of my wishlists when i’ll travel to Japan 🇯🇵 pls visit there if u r around there! . . 저희 보다 더 멋진 사진을 찍는 일본의 카페 입니다! 여러분들의 손끝에서 저희 제품은 더 완성되는듯 합니다. ^^ 일본여행을 하게 되면 가장 가보고 싶은 카페 입니다. . #alley600 #coffeega #madeinkorea #🇰🇷 #colddrip #coldbrew #Repost @niyolcoffee with @get_repost ・・・ こんばんは。 最近はもっぱらシェイク屋のニヨルコーヒーです😳 本日も沢山のご利用ありがとうございました。東京や大阪からはるばる来てくれた方もいました🙏 お席がなくご案内できなかった団体のお客様申し訳ございませんでした🙇🏻‍♂️ ニヨルコーヒーは小さいお店なんです。4人6人など沢山で来てくれるのは嬉しいですが、まとめて座る席がありませんし、全て作り終わる最後のドリンク提供まで30分かかることもあります。 ご理解いただきますようお願い申し上げます。 . 点滴抽出の水出しコーヒー。ご好評いただいております。 写真の器具二台使っても1200ccしか仕込めません。 早い者勝ちです。 浅煎りの豆の良さをぎゅっと凝縮したアイスコーヒーです。はっと驚く味と長く続く香りを是非体感して下さい。 明日もシェイク頑張ります🙆‍♂️ 明日は仕込の為、11時オープンとさせていただきます。 よろしくどうぞ。 . . . #coldbrew#点滴抽出#ダッチ式#coffeega#alley600#luckygreenteashake#ラッキーニヨルシェイク#strowberry#banana#greentea#緑茶#coffee#coffeetime#fukuokacafe#西新カフェ#祖原ヴィレッジ#niyolcoffee#ニヨルコーヒー
One of the best cafe in Athens and must visit there and have a Cold Brew!!!We’re so happy for this nice set-up using our product #coffeega . 그리스 아테네에 위치한 정말 멋진 카페. 이곳에서 역시 맛있는 커피가 내려지고 있습니다. 저희 커피가 더치기구로!!!! #늘고맙습니다#커피가#더치기구 #Repost @shahab_uddin_1g with @get_repost ・・・ @redd_coffee . . . . . . . . . . #coffee #coldbrew #coldbrewcoffee #coffeega #kenyacoffee #indonesiacoffee #ethiopiacoffee #elsalvadorcoffee #coffeeroasters #barista #baristalife #coffeelovers #reddcoffeeroasters #psyhiko #athens
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