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Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

Our Alley600 in the exhibition, Doduc Vancouver, Canada

Have you heard about Dudoc Vancouver before?

Dudoc is a Holland House of sustainable technologies and innovative design. More than just an exhibition centre, it also serves as a forum for curious individuals to open up converstations aout our cities, our communites and the environment. It provides an opportunity for exceptional Dutch innovators to introduce their advanced environmental designs and products to the Canadia public. As such, it bridges the gap between innovative European expert knowledge and the Canadian consumers.  [Refer to Dudoc’s information]

Someone who is working for Dutch Design and Develop Centre asked us that our Colddrip products can be introduced at this place.
They have a coffee corner and wanted to offer  Dutch Design Coffee tools to their visitors.
We answered their question that we’re very happy for their proposal but we’re not related to Dutch Design.
They replied us that they are still interested in our product, even if it is not directly related to the Netherlands. They would like to create a nice coffee experience and our cold drip brewer .

Thanks to their proposal, we got a chance to introduce our products to Dudoc’s Visitor.






Our colleague visited this Dudoc Vancouver during his holiday last month and took a pose with Dodoc’s team.
It’s amazing to be linked with people over the world.
Thanks for sharing your time!!!



This Dudoc Vancouver is located in downtown Vancouver, at the centre of its urban agglomeration.
Address: 100-1445 West Georgia Street, Vancouver,  V6G 2T3


2 comments on “Our Alley600 in the exhibition, Doduc Vancouver, Canada

  1. Frank Li
    May 13, 2015

    Where can I purchase one in Vancouver?

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