What’s changed at this cafe, ROOTS, in Bangkok ?

It’s still hot in Bangkok.
we can feel the heat of the sun during the day and the sizzling heat of the people during the night. It’s probably the symbol of Bangkok and that’s why i love this hot city. I think, this city is optimized destination for traveller. We don’t need to dress up there in Bangkok and it’s very natural to wear an old T-shirt there. Maybe you need to get dreadlocks  in order to make yourself standout or you’ll want  to have a date with a stranger in a strange city.  It could be possible there in Bangkok. Because it’s in Bangkok!!


I visited the cafe, ROOTS  last week which are using our products there and many people were wating for their coffee even they are open at weekends only. I realized that this is my third visit since 2013. When i visited for the first time on April, 2013, they were very busy because of coming their opeining day.
They are interested in korean taste for making Colddrip and i demonstrated making Colddrip using our Alley600 with our coffee roasted by the korean roasting company, Yeondoo coffee international. I tried to show our good points as a manufacturer and it’s our biggest pleasure that our customer are satisfiel with our products.



My second visit, on November, 2013, Did you catch their big Colddrip? Our big Colddrip, Ridge3.2 is set at this cafe, ROOTS. We are very proud that this cafe was filled with meaningful time and we were a part of their time even it’s too short. A few months later, people added the warmth and colour to this cafe and it’s the biggest & most important change.


When i came back to there last week, they started selling Colddrip bottle as Reay to Drinks. They said, they’re managing delivery service in that region with a bike!!


Thayt’s why we tasted their Black & White here in Korea as their slogan, #Roots Coffee Anywhere.

They still open at weekends only according to their initial plan and they provide only “Honesty box” instead of a counter.
People can pay in this honesty box as they wish. I felt at that time, it’s very impressive and it’s really great to keep the same way.
It shows that they respect their time and efforts each other.


This Cafe, ROOTS is our first customer in Bangkok and it’s my first try to demonstrate  our Colddrip products in Asian market.
That’s why i’m really happy to feel their changes with the time and i’d like to share my experience.
If  you run your own cafe, imagine of your next 2 years  or remember your past  two years.
What has changed over the past years?  What plans do you have for next year? Whatever you have or you had, enjoy your every moment!!!


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