We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

COFFEEGA made Filter-Paper for ColdDrip

We, COFFEEGA made this Filter-Paper for the convenience of its customers.

We realized that many our customers are using a paper filter cutting a paper with the scissors when you make their Cold Drip of our products. Because we basically provide a quality cloth filter when you buy our products. Our Cloth Filter are not the permanent one but reusable several more times.

On the other hand, there are other customers who are uncomfortable at handling reusable cloth filter. We feel really sorry a customer will be not satisfied with our service.
We can’t please everybody but we are trying to improve customer satisfaction.
That’s why, we made this Filter-Paper for making Cold Drip Coffee with our products.

  • Name : Circular coffee filter
  • Material : Natural cellulose pulp   / Origin : Korea
  • Color: White
  • Size : (Diameter) 45mm for Alley600, Silver600
    80mm for Ridge3.2 , Silver3200


In order to use in diverse production sites, its filtration flow and burst strength are reinforced. It has a thickness of about 0.28 to 0.32mm. As they are made of natural cellulose pulp, they are widely used in chemical, beverage and medical fields.


The important difference is that this quality paper can filter coffee grounds through the surface at first and then filter them through the middle layer in the second time.
This filteration flow is ideally fitted for making Cold Drip of our products.


– Filter paper storage
Filter papers are usually made of natural cellulose fibers which absorb moisture and gas. Thus, filter paper should be stored in low humidity and temperature without direct sunlight.

– Caution
In principle, filter paper cannot be recycled.
As filter papers are absorptive, its hardness and surface texture may vary depending on storage conditions.


This Filter-Paper is made for the customer satisfaction and we’d like to offer a very reasonable price.

The price is as follow:
– Type 1 (Paper): Dia. 45mm – USD6.50 for 1 pack (1 pack=100sheets)
– Type 2 (Paper): Dia. 80mm – USD8.20 for 1 pack (1 pack=100sheets)
For your reference :
– Type 3 (Cloth) : Dia. 45mm – USD25.00 for 1 pack (1pack=20sheets)
– Type 4 (Cloth) : Dia. 90mm – USD25.00 for 1 pack (1pack=10sheets)

For overseas shippings costs via Express Postal Service within 1 week.
– For USA : USD24.00
– For Australia : USD20.00
– For Europe : USD23.00
– For Asia : USD17.00

This shiping costs are based on minimum costs due to its lightweight. In case of several packs, shipping costs are same or a small additional charges.

If you want to order, please Email us at info@coffeega.co.kr
Then, we’ll issue your invoice through Paypal.

Thank you




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