We are, Coffeega.

Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

Perfect example of Cold Brew Special shop in Korea

I simply couldn’t stand the heat of this summer and Iced Coffee is must-have item in Korea due to the extremly hot-weather. At the center, there was Cold Brew.
More and more Cold Brew as RTD coffee  are introduced by beverage companies and the drinks are now freely available in the shops.
More interestingly, more and more cafes are starting serving Nitro Cold Brew and it’s been issued this summer.

So, in that sense, I’d like to introduce this cafe of our customers  which is located in CheongJu, Korea and the name of cafe is Barbara CoCo  (http://www.facebook.com/barbaracoco )


A recently opened cafe, Barbara CoCo  is using 6 units of our big Cold Brew products, Silver3200 and this refrigerating display showcase are specially designed by themselvers only for Cold Brew System. They said that this Cold Brew System is their most important space in this cafe.
I realized that customers are achieving real value with the products and it’s very meaningful for us as we are the manufacturer.


The reason why i referred to Nitro Cold Brew as above was because Nitro Cold Brew is their main menu and they are really dedicated to making Cold Brew using specialty coffee roasted by themselves.
If you order Cold Brew at this cafe, they are serving Nitro Cold Brew in a can and you can feel a Refreshness from the coffee!!
For Cold BRew Latte, they are maiking much richer concentrate compare to Cold Brew Black and and the balance with Milk is very impressive. That nutty taste is still in my mouth.


They are using Giesen Roasters with the model, W15 and they are the first shop in their area, ChenogJu which is set W15.



If someone wants to see Cold Brew special shop,
If someone wants to taste great Nitro Cold Brew,
If someone wants to have fresh roasted coffee,
If someone wants a laid back space,
If this is true for you, stop here and have some coffee first.




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