Oak wood in the beautiful curve line of our Ridge3.2 [Cold Drip]

We’ll provide our cold brew product, Ridge3.2 with the different material of Oak wood from now not with bamboo.
It shows the texture of the oak wood in this beautiful curve line of our Ridge3.2


Ridge means the path between peaks.
When making plan, the main aim is built up first then specific goals are planned. To achieve these goals, an important thing is not to forget the first main aim. Reaching to small goals and these goals are connected such as a mountain chain. It means that we realize the great aim which creates great energy.
Ridge3.2 is a path which navigates the right way between goals.


All products of our company are being produced by hands in Korea and we’re proud of this handicraft. We know that all necessary parts can be produced with the much cheaper price in other countries. But, Applying very strict standards, we are using local providers who supply hand-made products rather than automatically manufactured by machine.


Air bubbles on the surface of glass parts, roughness and curving of edge can be found, but those are normal phenomenon which never cause problem on functions of this tool. The manufacture is processed in the traditional way, using mouth-blowing method by skilled engineer. Besides, we are trying a heat-resisting glass without any leand content according to the standards of edible glass.


Twin Valve System
This specialized system is developed by us, Coffeega
Amout of water dropscan be adjusted with the first valve. (Speed of drops from the first valve into the coffee tube)
Amount of coffee drops can be adjusted with the second valve.
(Strength of coffee can be controlled how you prefer it.)
It provides the adjustment of density and taste of coffee by control of time for activation of water and coffee.

With the world
Since 2011, Coffeega started exporting to Holland, and currently providing its products to 27 countries including Germany, Australia, USA, Canada, Thailand and Indonesia.

Oak wood, Glass, Stainless, Silicone, Ceramic
348 x 348 x 971 (mm)

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