This bottle to boost my energy level : Coffee Pirates Vienna

What word comes to your mind first when you think of  the city, Vienna in Austria?Mozart?
Vienna coffee?
Or, the movie, Before Sunrise that i loved. The movie is set in Vienna city.


Vienna Coffee is one of our favorite coffee menu for us, Korean which has lots of whipped cream in coffee. So, we as coffee lovers try to taste the real Viennese Coffee,  not only for lots of whipped cream but also the coffee in contemporary Vienna.

I’m so glad to inform you there is a good cafe which is using our Cold Brew product in this beautiful city and it’s amazing to meet our customer in person during my stay in  Vienna.


The name of this cafe is “Coffee Pirates Vienna” and it is what made me smile by their name. Most of our customers are managing their own cafes with their own name.  When i meet our customer first, i always listen carefully about thier name of cafes and think more about them. That is curious to imagine about a cafe before i visit.
I believe that more and more cafes do their best to keep their name because name is thier identiy.

They are cheerful, lively and passionate to coffee as i imagine. !!


They have received several outstanding awards about coffee and it may be a valuable piece of visit if you need more experineces about coffee.

I had Cold Brew when i visted there and i loved its freshness, special. 
When i ordered, they served Cold Brew in this bottle and i feel that they want to boost my energy level. 🙂


We are really proud and happy to have Coffeega in our coffeeshop. 
It’s producing really awesome cold drip coffee. 
People love to drink it day and night and you must admit: it’s just so beautiful, a kind of coffee art!
CoffeePirates – Vienna Coffee Roasters”


Someone who has a plan to travel to Vienna,
Someone who cheers our products,
It may be a good news for those people.
When you are talking about traveling to Vienna,  you can’t forget about coffee.
This cafe should be listed in your plan.  🙂

*Address:  Spitalgasse 17, 1090 Vienna, Austria.


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