This small detail can change the way you feel.

Are you looking for a coaster for a cup?
Do you want to change your mood?
Why don’t you adding colors in your place?
This small detail can change the atomosphere of your place or your mood.


We have this new leater coaster for a cup.
This coaster is made with artificial leather and 10 cm in diameter.
We present 4 colors such as Lime, Yellow, Violet and Black.
The soft texure of leather deeply colored in Lime( mid-tone between Lime and Mint) , Yellow, Violet & Black were made for a more quite gloss effect. 
*The color might be differ from the screen. 



We don’t recommend cleaning this coaster with water and it will cause product damage. 
You can clean it with wet / dry cloth immediately when it happens. 


This product contains 4 units of coaster and you can choose your color or all colors.
Then, we can pack it in this black paper case.




If you have further question, please feel free to ask us at email :

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