How are you doing with our Twin Valve System for Cold Brew?

What product for Cold Brew do you use?

As you know, we ‘re the Cold Brew Tool manufacturing company located in Korea and  Since 2011, we started exporting to the Netherlands, and currently providing its products to 31 countries including Germany, Australia, USA, Canada, Thailand and to Saudi Arabia most recently.

As we experienced,  one of the main reasons to be selected is  “Twin Valve System”  of our products which has been created by us, Coffeega for the first time.

How are you doing with our Twin Valve System for Cold Brew?


Most othter Cold Brew products do not have an additional valve for coffee cylinder and they have only one valve for dripping water drops at the upper part.
Of cousre, you can make Cold Brew with one valve system and the taste may also good.

When we developed this twin system, the most difficult part about other existing products was to be started extracting partly before coffee was not wet fully.
( See this picture as above)
It meant that it’s not easy to extract coffee fairy from the same amount of coffee like less-extraction or over-extraction.


If it is compared to Pour Over, you can understand it clearly.
To make a good Pour Over, the adjusting amount of water by drip pot is very important.

When coffee is brewed fairly, you can get a great taste.


When it happens, you can close the second valve of coffee cylinder and you can adjust speed of drops through the first valve of upper part. If speed of water drops is too fast,  over-flow will may occur in an hour.
You can see and wait unit coffee is wet fully. So, Cold Brew coffee is called as ‘worth the wait’



You need to see it more carefully and check it again and again.
Whether the top of coffee is wet fully (picture as above) or not.
Or, Whether the bottom of coffee is wet fully (picture as bottom ) or not.

If not, you can adjust these two valves whenever you need.
And then, you can wait until done.

It’s the best tip from Coffeega. 


Enjoy your summer with your best cold brew coffee!



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