A good memory in Penang makes us a step ahead._Cafe Secawan Hutton

Many Southeast Asia travel guidebooks recommeded a visit to Thailand and Vietnam.

If you ask, “Isn’t there anything new to visit? ”

I would like to recommend a visit to Penang of Malaysia which is the popular island for short holidays.

You can take a plane from Kuara Lumpur which takes 40mins only and one of my friendย  said “I ordered a cup noodle after take off and then in preparation for landing is announced while she still was eating a cup noodle.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have a enough time, you can go by land which takes 5 or 6 hrs.


Penang is called as George Town which is listed UNESCO World heritage Site and it has
some old buildings including old church, old tample and old mosque which are more than 100 years.
Walking down the streets in the area is like going back in time. As i heard, they have been living with people from different countries in a perfect harmony.


This was my short trip and i was thinking that i need a good breakfast before my departureย “Coffee near me within 650m”

A few Googles later and i found a familier picture in their information.
“Oh my, this is our cold brew product! ”
“It’s perfect for my breakfast before my departure”


“Don’t expect too much to save disappointment” i thought to myself.ย  Because Google may provide a wrong or old information and it happened to me several times when i’ve visited our customer.

When i arrived there, first thing i noticed the cold brew product which is made by us, Korea!!!!!!!


This cafe is really bright and cheerful and full of people in early morning


I’m not familier with taking a picture ofย  “food” and forget to take a picture all the time before starting eating. ๐Ÿ™‚
Their French Toast is perfect for my breakfast and it’s the one of the best one that i had before. Especially, their milk syrup!!!ย  so good!


When i entered this cafe, there was a thing who caught my eyes.
This is a painting on the wall.

As i felt, most of customers want to make a pose in front of this gient paining on the wall.
George Twon is known as street of graffiti art and you can see many tourist who were miiling about the streets and found graffiti art around the corners.

I was just like being in a museum with a warm welcome.


There is our time on our all products and it means that we created it from the begining step by hand. Whenever i met our product some where surprisingly,ย  i was very thankful for the chance to meet another Coffeega in different world.

Our products are doing thier part, more than their part and it bring back the momory of our first day and reminds me our role.
When i feel unsure about my step, this unexpected meeting shows me an answer to the way.

This good memory made us one step ahead.


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