a slow drip could the best for this old city which looks as if it was frozen in time hundred years ago_Sala Ayutthaya,Thailand

The rainy season in Bangkok began and the weather is very hot and humid mixed with the rain these days.  What’s the weather going to be like in Ayutthaya?
Ayutthaya is located convenient two-hour drive away from Bangkok, it’s easy to make a day trip to Ayuttaya from bangkok. 


Ayutthaya is a beautiful and historic city in Thailand and it’s also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991.  This city was destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th centry and it lost many valuable and artistic objects but this old city in ruins itself represent a living history.
Besides, I can sea a blue sky there in Ayutthaya.


You may think that i’m writing for a travelogue but i’m writing about our customer there in this beautiful city, Ayutthaya.
Most people make a day trip to Ayutthaya but i strongly want to recommend staying there at least 1 night.

The hotel, Sala Ayutthaya is in a beautiful situation in the heart of Ayutthaya and it was such a beautiful place.


What is the product  they are using ?

Alley600 which is the best-selling product is set up there in Sala Ayutthaya. If you see our product, you can go up to rooftop!


Cold Brew method is well known everywhere in the world but it’s still new there.
I found the perfect reason to work harder than ever. 🙂

To make Cold Brew coffee using our product is not so hard  if you refer to the instructions for use but it may not so easy for someone who do make Cold Brew for the first time in life.

“If i have to tell one difficulty about using our products, just please take good care of glasses” 🙂


I think, the most important thing for using our products is understanding of difference between one valve and two valves for cold brew and as people know, we provide two -valve system for all our products which is created by us, Coffeega for the first time.

If you will know more about two-valve system, you create different menus not only for coffee.
i realized while spending time with them, Cold Brew coffee is really new to them but Cocktail is very familiar to them.
I gave more tips about making “Cold Brew  Tea” and “Cocktail mixing with Cold Brew”
And then, they built some good cocktails immediately!!!!!!  Taste is so good!


Meeting passionate people always gives me delight and it allows us to look with another view.
Please make Cold Brew using our product every day and show your guest. This slowness to make people stop and watch it.

A very slow drip is could the best for this old city which looks as if it was frozen in time hundred years ago.




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