‘red cups’ signifies the combination of red’s power and smoothness in a cup.

There’s a new shop that just opened and this shop is located around Seoul, Korea.  When i first meet a new shop, a name is important to me. Because it affects its first impression which may last for a long time.  I like this name “red cups”
What i feel, red cups signifies the combination of red’s power and smoothness in a cup. 

Thankfully, they are using 2 sets of big Cold Brew ( Silver3200 ) and another 2 sets of small cold brew (Alley600) at the moment.   The owner is making Cold Brew Coffee very carefully. Making Cold Brew Coffee may look easy but we have to care very much about a good taste.

“Is there a menu that you would like to recommend to your guests? 
“Must try Siphon Coffee in our shop”
There’s not much places which siphon coffee can be offered. Understanding of the way of sipone coffee may easy but it’s hard to have the best result. People saying: the best thing are the most difficult. 🙂  I think a good taste is a combined effort by hard work.

That’s why, please try their Siphon coffee if you are around there.

I’d like to present more about their Cold Brew as we are working for manufacturing company.  We do our best to make a product with the high quality but the icing on the cake for a good Cold Brew Coffee is our customer.

“What kind of coffee do you use for Cold Brew?” 
“We’re using Brazil, Guatemala  and Ethiopia blended for Cold Brew.  nutty- sweet, well balenced taste is really good for Cold Brew and it will be a perfect combination with milk as well. “

“What kind of menu based Cold Brew do you have?”
“We have Cold Brew Black/Milk , Cold Brew Affogato and Cold Brew Latte adding vanilla.” 

“I wonder what is your opinion about Cold Brew products?”
” Two-Valve system is the best. I had difficulties with one-single valve before and it made me hard to flow in the coffee tube properly. With this two-valve, it’s brewed well and can adjust the amount of coffee drops with the second valve” 

Besides, they are providing Cold Brew tea using Alley600 and as i know, more and more tea shops demonstrate their interest with our twin valve system.

It’s our great pleasure to meet our customer and see how to use by their hands. In deed, we’re learning from their experience as well. Love this beautiful coffee network!

Address: Cafe red cups
13, Solbat 2-gil, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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