Thank you for visit this page for Coffeega.
Fortunately we’re now working for coffee field in Korea and happy to have a chance to know people who loves coffee in the world.
Basically we’re manufacturing “Cold Drip Coffee Making tools” with our own design and special system.
Besides, we’ll develop different products based slow coffee. We’re really happy to share lots of opinions about our products or general issues related coffee as we love Coffee.

What does “Coffeega” mean?


Coffeega means coffee street, coffee house and coffee itself in Korean. It also means beginning of a sentence meaning coffee like ” Coffee is~”.

We as a company specialized in the manufacture cold water brew&drip coffee system calles “dutch coffee tool” or “cold drip coffee making tools”. We try to broaden products development reflecting various demands of coffee market.

In the near future, we’d like to be the world-wide recognized company instead of in the local market only providing a differentiated design and high quality.

We the Coffeega, with the continued research and development, will do our best effort to become a Social Enterprise.

About our glass story,


All products of our company are being produced by hands in Korea and we’re proud of this handicraft. We know that all necessary parts can be produced with the much cheaper price in other countries. But, Applying very strict standards, we are using local providers who supply hand-made products rather than automatically manufactured by machine.

Air bubbles on the surface of glass parts, roughness and curving of edge can be found, but those are normal phenomenon which never cause problem on functions of this tool. The manufacture is processed in the traditional way, using mouth-blowing method by skilled engineer.

Besides, we can make a glass part with a smooth surface if we mi lead content in this material but we are trying a harden lass without any lean content according to the European standards of edible glass.

We’d like to inform you that our glass parts have been producing with manual technics compared to other general soda glass.

With the world,


We are now expanding our sales network toย 30 countries beginning with the Netherlands in 2011.
Hopefully, we can meet more coffee people over the world.


19 thoughts on “ABOUT

    1. Hello, thank you for your inquiry. Where do you live? We have distributors in some countries. In case of your destination, we’ll inform you about our partner’s information or our informatoin. Thanks.

  1. Can you please let me know:
    1. Do you have a distributor here in the United States?
    2. If so, can you please let me know who they are so I can order from them?
    3. In the alternative, can I order from your website and have an Alley 600 shipped to Los Angeles, California?
    Looking forward to your response – this looks like the perfect ice coffee maker!

  2. I’d like information about your US distributors to purchase one of your cold brew systems. Thank you and have a great day.

    1. Hello, thank you for your inquiry and you can place an order from us directly since we don’t have a distributor there in USA. Please leave your email address then i’ll send more details. Have a good day. Ji

  3. Hi! I’m interested in know how can I buy from you guys. I live in Brazil, but can alternatively receive it in NYC (but it will be a short period, from 30th june to 3rd july). Do you think it would be possible to arrive, to Brazil or to USA in this period? Kamsahamnida!

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