Crevasse600 : Return in 2017

  DESIGN ‘Crevasse’ _ Deep crack in glacier ColdDrip is a representative coffee made by natural phenomenon and the only one thing for making colddrip coffee is a gravity. It means that the formal characteristic of water is that flows downwards. Crevasse means deep crack in glacier due to the irregular movement of a glacier and the glaciers are melting because of global warming. Unfortunately … Continue reading Crevasse600 : Return in 2017

Let’s make colddrip with new Crevasse600

We launched the second version of colddrip with the amount, 600ml last month and we’d like to show how to make “colddrip” using our new version, Crevasse600. The most important thing in the system is twin valve system and this system is same as Alley600. The only different thing is “Design” People say, Alley600 is famous for the elegance of design with the curve line and we’d … Continue reading Let’s make colddrip with new Crevasse600

We call this new product, “Crevasse600”.

Colddrip is a coffee not working with technic, but only with natural system. It means gravity, which is a formal characteristic of water that flows from up to down. Crevasse means deep crack of glacier, formed by an irregular movement of glacier. The main reason that glacier is collapsing is global warming, which are getting faster and it makes crevasses on many glaciers. And a … Continue reading We call this new product, “Crevasse600”.