‘ColdBrew Coffee Package 250ml’ DP250 of Coffeega is developed focusing on user. Basic information of cold drip coffee is printed on the front side of the box, so that user can decorate all other parts of the box. The package can be decorated with information of coffee, logo of café, or favorite drawings in order to create own custom item.

Paper, PET, Aluminium
60 x 120 x 240 (mm) /0.65kg

‘ColdBrew Package 500ml’
Cold Brew Coffee is made of cold water. This cold drip coffee has an advantage of long-term storage. It means this can be used as a gift in liquid type, as well as easily combined with hot water, cold water or milk. This function enables handy use of coffee with high quality, and Coffeega developed this package to share cold drip coffee with your precious people.

500ml (250ml x 2ea) l
Paper, Pet G, Aluminum, Nylon
180 x 83 x 100 (mm) l 132g


DS400(Drip Square 400ml) is a package bottle materializing putting 400ml of coffee into a square pillar. Square shape is easy for display and shipping, and provides modern and sophisticated design with Black & White colors. ‘400’ and ‘Drop’ logos on the package means 400ml and the shape of coffee drops into the bottle.

Paper, Pet, Plastic
65 x 65 x 185(mm) l 70g