How are you doing with our Twin Valve System for Cold Brew?

What product for Cold Brew do you use? As you know, we ‘re the Cold Brew Tool manufacturing company located in Korea and  Since 2011, we started exporting to the Netherlands, and currently providing its products to 31 countries including Germany, Australia, USA, Canada, Thailand and to Saudi Arabia most recently. As we experienced,  one of the main reasons to be selected is  “Twin Valve … Continue reading How are you doing with our Twin Valve System for Cold Brew?

Oak wood in the beautiful curve line of our Ridge3.2 [Cold Drip]

We’ll provide our cold brew product, Ridge3.2 with the different material of Oak wood from now not with bamboo. It shows the texture of the oak wood in this beautiful curve line of our Ridge3.2 Design Ridge means the path between peaks. When making plan, the main aim is built up first then specific goals are planned. To achieve these goals, an important thing is … Continue reading Oak wood in the beautiful curve line of our Ridge3.2 [Cold Drip]

Crevasse600 : Return in 2017

  DESIGN ‘Crevasse’ _ Deep crack in glacier ColdDrip is a representative coffee made by natural phenomenon and the only one thing for making colddrip coffee is a gravity. It means that the formal characteristic of water is that flows downwards. Crevasse means deep crack in glacier due to the irregular movement of a glacier and the glaciers are melting because of global warming. Unfortunately … Continue reading Crevasse600 : Return in 2017

Coffeega’s Second Line: “Silver” Series.

Our original line, Alley600 & Ridge3.2 are being made in Korea and all of the processes are made by hand. It’s the main reason why people love to have our products for making Colddrip (Coldbrew) coffee. In addition, we created special “Colddirp system” which has two valves for the first time in the world  and it provided variety of the results for Colddrip. Practically this point  appeal to this Colddrip field.  But … Continue reading Coffeega’s Second Line: “Silver” Series.

What’s changed at this cafe, ROOTS, in Bangkok ?

It’s still hot in Bangkok. we can feel the heat of the sun during the day and the sizzling heat of the people during the night. It’s probably the symbol of Bangkok and that’s why i love this hot city. I think, this city is optimized destination for traveller. We don’t need to dress up there in Bangkok and it’s very natural to wear an old T-shirt there. Maybe you need to get … Continue reading What’s changed at this cafe, ROOTS, in Bangkok ?

Beverage based Colddrip extracts

W’re requested if Colddrip serves as an alternative to Espresso-like beverage or more for filter coffee-like beverage. If you’ve not experienced with Colddrip before, it should be the first question you think. For sure, you can create your own beverage with the Colddrip extracts like espersso or filter coffee. Colddrip called as “Dutch Coffee” are really popular here in Korea and more Cafes are trying to … Continue reading Beverage based Colddrip extracts