CoffeeGa’s brilliance in coffee tool design, technically and aesthetically, coupled with their kindness and professionalism made them the perfect fit for us. The concentrate produced from their cold drip devices is by far the smoothest and most nuanced extraction we have had the pleasure of sipping, brewing, and sharing _ by Kings Coffee | Roasters, USA

CoffeeGa’s ice drip coffee devices are the best available in current market. Not only Its sophisticated and ergonomic design fits well with today’s modern minimalistic cafe design, its double valve control system allow coffee professionals to meticulously extract the coffee to the best results. CoffeeGa also provides the best and most interactive customers service, from listening to understanding my urgent needs. CoffeeGa is definitely one of the best coffee equipment suppliers in our specialty coffee industry.
_ by Moving Coffee Ltd, Canada

CoffeeGa created one of the most gorgeous and stylish cold brew coffee maker in the world. With its unique design and shape, you just can’t keep you eyes off it. It looks even better when coffee is being dripped, of caurse it will bring you a rich and tasty glass of coffee. The people in CoffeeGa are very helpful, responsive and try their very best to accommodate our request. And you can tell they are all coffee lovers with passion and mission to promote their products.  _ by Mottainai Vegetarian Restaurant Café, Taiwan

We have used Coffeega brewers for almost 3 years, in our shop and to our wholesale customers. They produce a cold brew that is unlike any other I have tasted, with depth and clarity that can’t be matched by immersion methods. They make a fantastic statement piece in our shop, attracting attention and inviting a conversation with our customers, which is exactly what we aim to achieve. The brewers are also very versatile due to the two taps, meaning you can cold brew pretty much anything – we have used fruit, citrus, cascara, tea, herbs, alcohol and spices to great effect
.  _by Alchemy Coffee, UK

When i discovered cold drip I was surprised by it’s intense flavor and complexity. Now three years later I am happy to see how many people enjoy Cold Drip in Germany and Europe. Coffeega’s cold drip towers and the dual valve system really makes the difference.    _by Black Delight Kaffee GmbH, Germany

We like Coffeega’s twin valve system the best and it contributes greatly to adjust extraction considering roasting type. The first  preinfusion is crucial to take good results and we can make control coffee extraction as we wish with the hlep of twin valve system. Silver series with metal material promote a cooling feeling and their smart design seems like showing professionalism of barista.  _by Greycups, Korea

CoffeeGa products offer an innovative and design orientated approach to cold brewing that has no equal. They offer a sculpture like form and provide every opportunity to bring precision brewing to the slow brew method. CoffeeGa creates centerpiece brewers from glass and bamboo that display both the craftsman in the maker and the brewer. They produce a clean crisp coffee that exemplifies the coffees being brewed.
_by Pablo&Rusty’s Coffee Roasters, Australia

We love your products! And our clients love the cold brew from CoffeeGa. CoffeeGa produces a wonderfully rich and clean cold brew. The ability to preinfuse also makes it possible for us to create different taste profiles on different beans. Finally a machine that not only looks beautiful, but also produces great coffee.
_ by ROOTS COFFEE, Thailand

Coffeega is a piece of Art. Fully fine bamboo and mouth blow high quality glass with unique design. The only cold drip maker allowed barista brew their cold drip by own wet infusion profiling system.   _ by LIGHTHOUSE COFFEE SDN BHD , Malaysia

It’s easy to use and clean. Perfect for a busy cafe to replicated the best coldbrew ever by the double values pre-infusion system. One of our best sales coffee beverages.
_by 18Grams Roastery Lab, HongKong

It is a pleasure to work with quality in coffee business. Quality greens, quality machines and quality customers. Coffeega products is made from quality materials and with very good attitude to process. I am one of the pioneers in Lithuania speciality coffee culture, and this is my second product. I would definitely recommend Coffeega to my colleagues from all over the world!   by Strange Love, Lithuania     _by Strange Love, Lithuania

As the only place in Lagos (and maybe the whole of Nigeria) that serves cold drip coffee, our Ridge 3.2 is a huge point of pride for us. I would even say it’s a defining aspect of our Brew Bar. Everything about it from its design to the coffee it produces is perfect for us and in line with our philosophies. Getting the Ridge 3.2 was one of our best decisions.
_by Stranger in Lagos, Nigeria

We had to choose the best one for us after a careful comparison and analysis when we opened. After choosing this Cold Brew of Coffeega, we’re using Coffeega’s Cold Brew product in all our stores and we are very satisfied with its beauty and outstanding performace.  : a regular amount of water drops throght the vavle & user-friendly method      _ by Alegria Coffee Roasters, Korea