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Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

How are you doing with our Twin Valve System for Cold Brew?

What product for Cold Brew do you use? As you know, we ‘re the Cold Brew Tool manufacturing company located in Korea and  Since 2011, we started exporting to the … Continue reading

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This small detail can change the way you feel.

Are you looking for a coaster for a cup? Do you want to change your mood? Why don’t you adding colors in your place? This small detail can change the … Continue reading

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This bottle to boost my energy level : Coffee Pirates Vienna

What word comes to your mind first when you think of  the city, Vienna in Austria?Mozart? Vienna coffee? Opera? Or, the movie, Before Sunrise that i loved. The movie is … Continue reading

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A good point for watching the world go by and having a Cold Brew_at the airport, Munich

  One of my favorite saying is “I’m on the way to the airport” I love just watching the world go by especially at the airport. More precisely,  i’m very … Continue reading

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Our Cold Brew products meet Jeju Island thanks to A TWO SOME PLACE

Cold Brew Coffee have become particularly popular among coffee lovers and more franchises have started using Cold Brew products in their shops.   A TWO SOME PLACE is one of … Continue reading

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Seoul Cafe Show is coming [Our booth: C955)

This year, Cafe Show Seoul 2017 will be held on Nov. 9 to 12 at Coex, Seoul, Korea. Together with World Barista Championship 2017,  Coffee Lovers from all over the … Continue reading

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Silver series with the Oakwood now. [Cold Drip]

Design An object started from the basic definition of point, line and surface. Connect the points to complete a line and connect the lines to complete a surface. These connections … Continue reading

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See the oak wood for Best-selling product, Alley600 [Cold Drip]

We’ll provide our cold brew product, Alley600 with the different material of Oak wood from now, NOT with bamboo. Design Alley600 is designed from the natural paths created by people … Continue reading

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Hot NEW design for Cold Brew : Two-Track1.2

Two ways. We’re standing at other ways. It isn’t a matter of right or wrong but provides you two choices of a new experience. We will be able to have more … Continue reading

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Oak wood in the beautiful curve line of our Ridge3.2 [Cold Drip]

We’ll provide our cold brew product, Ridge3.2 with the different material of Oak wood from now not with bamboo. It shows the texture of the oak wood in this beautiful … Continue reading

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Glad to meet our Cold brew product #Alley600 during TRAFS 2018 in Bangkok at the booth of @k2coffeecompany It was yesterday. hope, more people know more about our Cold brew products manufactured from Korea. :-) 태국의 푸드쇼중 하나인 TRAFS 에 저희 제품 #앨리600 이 전시되어 있고, 이번 행사는 성황리에 잘 마쳤다고 합니다. 태국의 좀 더 많은 분들께서 저희 제품을 알게된 좋은 시간이었길 바랍니다. #colddrip #coldbrew #coffeega #madeinkorea #coldbrewtool #coffeeevent #태국전시회 #å4coffee #coffee #coffeeholic
This morning, i made Cold Brew Coffee using our #silver600 after i made coffee in Bangkok. It’s always the best choice to have #Coldbrew in Bangkok under the sun! . . 오늘도 변함없이 더치커피를 내리고 있어요. 뜨거운 방콕에서 더치커피는 언제나 최고입니다! 🙏❤️. #coldbrew #colddrip #coffee #coffeelover #coffeega #homecoffee #livinginbangkok #방콕생활#콜드브루
Cold Brew preparation for Sunday! Have u got already? If u r around in Budapest, pls stop by at this shop and pick one up! Love their passion that i’ve experienced! . . 붐비는 일요일, 미리미리 콜드브루 준비준비! 여기 카페는 헝가리 부다페스트에 있는 카페로, 콜드브루는 언제나 인기만점 이라고 합니다! 저희. 더치기구 #릿지를 사용하는 헝가리의 첫 고객 이기도 합니다 ❤️😍 . #Repost @mylittlebrewbar with @get_repost ・・・ Always being prepared for summer! 🌤☕️🌴 #colddrip #coldbrew #coffeega #cafebudapest #budapestcafe #coldbrewcoffeemaker #madeinkorea
If u can find #Alley600 in this picture, u do like us#coffeega 😘😍🙏 . 이 사진 보고, 우리 #앨리 를 알아본다면, 우리 제품을 좋아하는 분일꺼에요 ^^ 미리 #고맙습니다 . . #coffeega #colddrip #coldbrew #coldbrewcoffee #madeinkorea #cafelondon . #Repost @alchemycafelondon with @get_repost ・・・ Game on! #worldcup #england #colombia #besties
Why don’t you making Cold Brew Tea if you have an user of our products? It’s a new way for a refreshing! . 커피가 제품을 사용중 이라면 콜드브루티를 만들어 보세요. 차원이 다른 리프레쉬를 느껴보세요! . #colddrip #coldbrew #coffeega #alley600 #coldbrewtea #tea #teatime #hibiscus #콜드브루티 #커피가 #더치기구제조사 #앨리600
It’s time for Cold Brew from our customer in Brazil! . . #Repost @patoreisp with @get_repost ・・・ PROMOÇÃO: marque um amiguinho aqui no comentário e ganhe um café amanhã! 👹 . Amanhã? Amanhã! A partir das 15h abriremos nossas portas prum café com/e do Samuel Mangia do @tequilacafeoficial . 📍 Rua Artur de Azevedo 2087 em Pinheiros 🦆👑 Pato Rei Coffee Brewers #colddrip #coldbrew #alley600#coffeega #cafe#brazilcafe #coffee #coffeelovers #coffeemaker #coffeetime☕