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Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

This bottle to boost my energy level : Coffee Pirates Vienna

What word comes to your mind first when you think of  the city, Vienna in Austria?Mozart? Vienna coffee? Opera? Or, the movie, Before Sunrise that i loved. The movie is … Continue reading

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A good point for watching the world go by and having a Cold Brew_at the airport, Munich

  One of my favorite saying is “I’m on the way to the airport” I love just watching the world go by especially at the airport. More precisely,  i’m very … Continue reading

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Our Cold Brew products meet Jeju Island thanks to A TWO SOME PLACE

Cold Brew Coffee have become particularly popular among coffee lovers and more franchises have started using Cold Brew products in their shops.   A TWO SOME PLACE is one of … Continue reading

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Seoul Cafe Show is coming [Our booth: C955)

This year, Cafe Show Seoul 2017 will be held on Nov. 9 to 12 at Coex, Seoul, Korea. Together with World Barista Championship 2017,  Coffee Lovers from all over the … Continue reading

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Silver series with the Oakwood now. [Cold Drip]

Design An object started from the basic definition of point, line and surface. Connect the points to complete a line and connect the lines to complete a surface. These connections … Continue reading

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See the oak wood for Best-selling product, Alley600 [Cold Drip]

We’ll provide our cold brew product, Alley600 with the different material of Oak wood from now, NOT with bamboo. Design Alley600 is designed from the natural paths created by people … Continue reading

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Hot NEW design for Cold Brew : Two-Track1.2

Two ways. We’re standing at other ways. It isn’t a matter of right or wrong but provides you two choices of a new experience. We will be able to have more … Continue reading

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Oak wood in the beautiful curve line of our Ridge3.2 [Cold Drip]

We’ll provide our cold brew product, Ridge3.2 with the different material of Oak wood from now not with bamboo. It shows the texture of the oak wood in this beautiful … Continue reading

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NEW 3.2Liters Cold Brew products by COFFEEGA_ROUTE3.2

DESIGN We’re walking on unfamiliar way. We ask ourselves that same question many times. “Are we on the right way?” When we look back, tracks left on the way. It … Continue reading

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Crevasse600 : Return in 2017

  DESIGN ‘Crevasse’ _ Deep crack in glacier ColdDrip is a representative coffee made by natural phenomenon and the only one thing for making colddrip coffee is a gravity. It … Continue reading

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We’re glad to announce our new product, leather coasters for cups! These 4 color what we are proposing and pls add these new colors to ur place! Pls DM if u want! . . 두둥두둥! 커피가에서 신제품이 출시 되었습니다. 가죽 컵 받침 입니다. 커피가에서 제안하는 4가지 컬러 입니다. 여러분의 공간에 새로운 컬러를 입혀주세요! . *쇼핑몰 “길가몰”을 통해 바로 구입이 가능 합니다. . #coaster #coasters #coasterforbeverages #leathercraft #artificalleather #newproduct #coffeega #커피가 #신제품 #코스터 #코스타 #가죽컵받침#cafe #coffeelovers
a cup of coffee in the silence of the night. . 밤의 고요함 속에 커피 한잔. . #coffee#coffeebrewing#home#homebrewing #acupofcoffee #커피한잔#심야커피#livinginbangkok
Cold Brew is necessary here in Bangkok and i spent 100 g of coffee a day these days. This coffee roasted by @baristadaniel is delivered when my friend visited here from Korea! Just looking at it can make me happy! . . 여기 태국은 느무~더워서 아이스커피를 하루에 몇잔씩 마시게 되네요. 그야말로 더치커피가 필수죠! 매일 더치커피를 내리고 핸드드립도 내려 마시니 하루에 100g씩 쓰게 되네요. 얼마전 한국에서 방문한 친구편에 #연두커피 를 주문해서 받았어요! 멀리서 산다고 서비스까지 보내주셨어요!!! 다 좋은데 #콜롬비아유기농은 제가 최애하는 커피 입니다. 한국에 계신분들은 꼭 드셔보세요!! (www.yeodoocoffee.co.kr) . . #coffee #coldbrew #coldbrewcoffee #colddrip #colddripcoffee #coffeega #homebrew #homecafe #coffeelovers #원두추천
When i select a photo, the wrong photo appears. This actually isn’t that bad?! :-) . . 사진 고를때 잘못된 사진이 나오는데, 저는 이 사진 흠.. 그렇게 나쁘진 않은데요?!:-) . . #coldbrew #colddrip #coffeega #madeinkorea🇰🇷 #coffee #커피가 #b컷 #콜드브루 #더치기구 #더치기구제조사
Look at this beautiful set up there in Bang Saen, Thailand and i’m glad to see our product there during my visit Thanks for warm welcome! . 🙏 . 태국 방콕근교 촌부리지역에 감사하게도 저희 더치기구 #릿지 를 사용하는 카페를 만났습니다. 놀랍게도 대나무 한정생산 이었던 드립스텐드 제품도 사용하고 있네요! 따뜻한 환대에 감사드립니다 . . #coffeega #coldbrew #colddrip #coldbrewcoffee #cafethailand #chonburi #cafebangsaen #theportalcoworkingcoffee #방콕근교 #태국여행🇹🇭 #태국카페
Cold Brew Night! -:) #coffeega #coldbrew #colddrip #coldbrewcoffee #coffee #tgif #livinginbangkok #커피가 #콜드브루 #더치기구