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Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

See the oak wood for Best-selling product, Alley600 [Cold Drip]

We’ll provide our cold brew product, Alley600 with the different material of Oak wood from now, NOT with bamboo. Design Alley600 is designed from the natural paths created by people … Continue reading

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Hot NEW design for Cold Brew : Two-Track1.2

Two ways. We’re standing at other ways. It isn’t a matter of right or wrong but provides you two choices of a new experience. We will be able to have more … Continue reading

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Oak wood in the beautiful curve line of our Ridge3.2 [Cold Drip]

We’ll provide our cold brew product, Ridge3.2 with the different material of Oak wood from now not with bamboo. It shows the texture of the oak wood in this beautiful … Continue reading

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NEW 3.2Liters Cold Brew products by COFFEEGA_ROUTE3.2

DESIGN We’re walking on unfamiliar way. We ask ourselves that same question many times. “Are we on the right way?” When we look back, tracks left on the way. It … Continue reading

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Crevasse600 : Return in 2017

  DESIGN ‘Crevasse’ _ Deep crack in glacier ColdDrip is a representative coffee made by natural phenomenon and the only one thing for making colddrip coffee is a gravity. It … Continue reading

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New DripStand “Bridge” made by Coffeega [handmade products)

DESIGN Divide the space, connect to another space and  define the space. It’s Line’s role in the space. This DripStand, Bridge is used to create your own space. PURPOSE You … Continue reading

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Early Christmas postcard for sale

We have  early charistmas postcards for coffee lovers. We need to produce in limited quantities because it’s only for Christams. If you like, you can order it in advance. This 5 different … Continue reading

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Perfect example of Cold Brew Special shop in Korea

I simply couldn’t stand the heat of this summer and Iced Coffee is must-have item in Korea due to the extremly hot-weather. At the center, there was Cold Brew. More … Continue reading

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Making Cold Brew Tea only at Coffeega

Make your own Iced Tea with our products.‪#‎colddrip‬#coldbrew If you are have one of our products, pls see these pictures then you can learn more about making cold brew tea.‪#‎coffeega‬ … Continue reading

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COFFEEGA made Filter-Paper for ColdDrip

We, COFFEEGA made this Filter-Paper for the convenience of its customers. We realized that many our customers are using a paper filter cutting a paper with the scissors when you make … Continue reading

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