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Manufacturing Cold Brew Products in Korea

A good memory in Penang makes us a step ahead._Cafe Secawan Hutton

Many Southeast Asia travel guidebooks recommeded a visit to Thailand and Vietnam. If you ask, “Isn’t there anything new to visit? ” I would like to recommend a visit to … Continue reading

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How are you doing with our Twin Valve System for Cold Brew?

What product for Cold Brew do you use? As you know, we ‘re the Cold Brew Tool manufacturing company located in Korea and  Since 2011, we started exporting to the … Continue reading

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This small detail can change the way you feel.

Are you looking for a coaster for a cup? Do you want to change your mood? Why don’t you adding colors in your place? This small detail can change the … Continue reading

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This bottle to boost my energy level : Coffee Pirates Vienna

What word comes to your mind first when you think of  the city, Vienna in Austria?Mozart? Vienna coffee? Opera? Or, the movie, Before Sunrise that i loved. The movie is … Continue reading

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A good point for watching the world go by and having a Cold Brew_at the airport, Munich

  One of my favorite saying is “I’m on the way to the airport” I love just watching the world go by especially at the airport. More precisely,  i’m very … Continue reading

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Our Cold Brew products meet Jeju Island thanks to A TWO SOME PLACE

Cold Brew Coffee have become particularly popular among coffee lovers and more franchises have started using Cold Brew products in their shops.   A TWO SOME PLACE is one of … Continue reading

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Seoul Cafe Show is coming [Our booth: C955)

This year, Cafe Show Seoul 2017 will be held on Nov. 9 to 12 at Coex, Seoul, Korea. Together with World Barista Championship 2017,  Coffee Lovers from all over the … Continue reading

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Silver series with the Oakwood now. [Cold Drip]

Design An object started from the basic definition of point, line and surface. Connect the points to complete a line and connect the lines to complete a surface. These connections … Continue reading

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See the oak wood for Best-selling product, Alley600 [Cold Drip]

We’ll provide our cold brew product, Alley600 with the different material of Oak wood from now, NOT with bamboo. Design Alley600 is designed from the natural paths created by people … Continue reading

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Hot NEW design for Cold Brew : Two-Track1.2

Two ways. We’re standing at other ways. It isn’t a matter of right or wrong but provides you two choices of a new experience. We will be able to have more … Continue reading

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New year’s mood in Budapest! #colddrip #더치기구 #madeby #coffeega #Repost @parkcoffeebuda with @get_repost ・・・ Sunday tunes 💫✨
New year’s mood! Have fun with a good #coldbrew #productdesign #madeby #coffeega [Repost] @barista_koopa 새해에도 변함없이 즐겁게, 맛있는 #콜드브루 한잔과 함께 ^^ #더치기구 는 #커피가 에서! ^^ 맛있는 용인카페 #그레이컵스 #colddrip #coffeega #cafe #용인카페
Best wishes for the new year! Hope you’ll have a better year and we’ll do the same with name of Coffeega. . 더 나은 한해를 보내시길 바랍니다. 저희도 그럴께요! 우리의 이름으로. #coffeega #커피가 #coldbrew #colddrip #coldbrewcoffee #coffee #cafe #madeinkorea
Thank you so much for giving us so much love in 2018. Thank you for being with us as always. Best wishes for the new year in 2019! We are, Coffeega . 2018년 한해도 사랑해 주셔서 감사합니다. 함께해 주셔서 늘 감사드립니다. 새해 복 많이 받으세요. 다시는 오지 않을 2018년 12월 31일 의미있는 하루 보내시길 바랍니다. . #coffeega #coldbrew #madeinkorea #colddrip #koreanproducts #coffeelover #coffee #coffeemaker #happynewyear2019
Wow! I must say “they provide a great Cold Brew using our product #Silver3200 beautiful concept! Photo by @barista_koopa 여기 지나시는 분들. 올해가 가기 전에 이곳에 들러서 맛나는 콜드브루 한잔! 추울땐 시원한 커피한잔! 큭 너무 멋진 카페 ! #greycups #그레이컵스 #용인카페 #용인카페추천 #커피가더치기구쓰는곳 #너무나좋은곳 #coffee #coldbrew #colddrip #coffeegasm #coffeega #cafe
Merry Christmas and have wonderful holidays. Best wishes from Coffeega! . . 고요하게 그래도 여러분. 메리크리스마스. . #coldbrew #madeinkorea #coffeega #wearecoffeelovers #christmas #크리스마스이브